We’re Here So You Can Be Great

Mark Bunting

We’re Here So You Can Be Great

What comes to mind when you think of Rackspace? Perhaps racks of servers in a data center. Hopefully go-the-distance customer service. Maybe cloud, our focus in recent years. Or maybe, you’re not quite sure. That’s understandable. After all, Rackspace has evolved almost continuously over the past two decades, adding a huge array of technology and services to meet our customers’ increasingly complex computing needs. From offering a single hosting service in 1998 to becoming a comprehensive partner today, we guide companies to the cloud with an integrated, suite of professional and managed services covering applications, data, security and infrastructure. And that is why I’m so thrilled to announce that today, after some of the biggest changes in our history — going private, making major acquisitions, expanding into new global territory and integrating new leadership — we’re refreshing our brand, positioning and logo. It’s not a radical transformation, but rather an evolution. Even with the changes above, one thing has always remained true to the Rackspace DNA: we serve customers first, and we serve them fanatically.

Putting customers at the center of everything we do

Rackspace committed to “Fanatical Support” back in 1999, reflecting our deep commitment to customers, a decision the company’s founders made with purpose at a time when many businesses were going in the opposite direction, forcing customers into endless phone trees or company FAQ web pages. From Rackspace’s earliest days, the company empowered Rackers to do whatever necessary, not just to solve customers’ challenges, but to delight them. Recently, we updated that foundational phrase to Fanatical Experience, to better reflect the expanded breadth of the customer service we strive to provide. From the first phone call through the entire customer lifecycle, we want to keep customers at the center, to never forget they’re our reason for being. Our new logo reflects that commitment. From now on you’ll see a simple lower-case r, always behind the customer, behind the scenes, doing what we do so you can do what you do. Our new colors also represent our service to customers. While we’ve kept, yet brightened, the Rackspace red to represent our 20-year history and beginnings as a hosting provider, we’ve added blue to represent “destination cloud.” And the gradient in between? It reflects the myriad of technology options between where you are today and where you’re going in the future. We know each customer journey is unique, and we meet you wherever you are on that journey.

Accelerating the value of cloud

Of course, a brand update is more than a new logo and a fresh color palette. It’s also about clearly communicating what we do, which at its most distilled, is this: we accelerate the value of cloud — SaaS, public cloud, private cloud and multi-cloud. Today, the opportunity to leverage new technologies for business innovation has never been greater. Almost every company in the world is undergoing some level of digital transformation, using technology to improve sales, lower costs and enhance customer experiences. Cloud, and the technologies it enables, are the destination for the foreseeable future. With that opportunity, however, comes a unique-for-each-business thicket of complexity. Whether it’s legacy IT, cost pressures, a lack of in-house expertise or other challenges, smart organizations know they need a trusted partner to help them navigate the journey and realize all the promise of cloud — and that’s where today’s Rackspace is positioned. We’re the best company to close the gap between the complex reality of today and the promise of tomorrow. We accelerate the value of cloud — whether that means public cloud, private cloud or, as is more and more often the case, hybrid and even multi-cloud. We do it by providing the industry’s best unbiased expertise and solutions, from assessment and professional services through ongoing operation and optimization. We do it by deploying proven, modern technology as a service — applications, data and security — on the world’s leading infrastructures. And we wrap it all in a Fanatical Experience, from beginning to end.

Circling back to our purpose

So that’s what we do. You can spend time on our web site or blog, or talk to any one of our expert Rackers, to learn more about how we deliver all that we do. Today, as we celebrate our updated brand, I want to circle back to our why. It’s you. We love what you do. It’s as simple as that, really. From putting cars on the road to clothes on peoples’ backs, to powering towns and feeding millions. You make the world go, and everything that we do is so you can do it better. Our world is IT, and we obsess over it, so you don’t have to. Because your success is our success. Your results are our results. Your purpose is our purpose. And that is exactly why we do everything that we do. Rackspace: so you can be great.