How Database Modernization With AWS Is Transforming Healthcare Organizations

by Susan Andrus, Product Marketing Manager, Rackspace Technology

Healthcare Database Modernization with AWS

The global pandemic resulted in many healthcare organizations embracing technology to deliver healthcare in new ways. And behind these new delivery methods are databases powering everything from electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical data to patient registries.

It’s through such databases that healthcare professionals can develop treatments and improve patient health outcomes. Databases deployed to the cloud gain many benefits — including increased capabilities, scalability and flexibility.

In our recently-published e-book, “Transform Healthcare with AWS,” we explain how data modernization enabled global medical device company Arthrex to improve post-surgery communications. Rackspace Technology built a solution that utilized IoT and the cloud while leveraging Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS for MySQL while also meeting compliance requirements. The new streamlined communications platform allows surgeons to share high-level visuals and post-operative reports securely and easily with patients. The communication platform has increased patient satisfaction.

Another example covered in the e-book shows how modernization drove cost efficiencies for bone repair specialist Cerapedics. A transition to a smart factory was enabled by utilizing Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to provide new capabilities — including predictive maintenance and real-time alerts, which help to prevent costly downtime. Rackspace Technology built a PoC in weeks, which allowed Cerapedics to realize its vision of minimizing production losses while maximizing yields.

If you’re looking to modernize, we can help you get started with our complimentary Data Discovery Session. You’ll see how you can accelerate your path to becoming a data-driven organization by partnering with a technology expert that understands the rigorous compliance standards of the healthcare industry.

Read the e-book on how to Transform Healthcare with AWS