Nana Direct Optimizes Supply Chain and Delivery Service with Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology

by Walid Aldaraghmeh, Customer Success Manager EMEA, Rackspace Technology

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Nana Direct, an online grocery delivery service based in Saudi Arabia, was featured in a Google Cloud case study for successfully optimizing its supply chain and delivering services after the pandemic. Rackspace Technology® experts and Google Cloud tools helped Nana Direct improve its delivery response time, customer experience and more.

Nana Direct chose Rackspace Technology to provide the cloud expert and services required to execute its cloud optimization journey. The company’s leading objective for the upgrade was to improve its supply chain and delivery service so it could more safely and securely bring the freshest groceries to its customers in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and future new locations in the fastest timeframe.

To optimize the project, Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology helped the company deploy a wide range of Google Cloud tools, including:

  • Cloud Fleet Routing: Improved fleet utilization by nearly 40% and cut its fulfillment costs by grouping orders according to delivery location and times.
  • Google Maps: Provided drivers with the most efficient delivery routes. In the future, the company also plans to let customers live track their deliveries.
  • BigQuery: Leveraged its own vast stores of data, from finance to marketing, to allow different teams to access the data and build their own dashboards, so that they can analyze and understand different parts of the business.
  • Vertex AI: Helped the company forecast demand with the automated and scalable Kubernetes service.
  • Firebase: Provided A/B testing to validate various hypotheses.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): Helped the platform efficiently and economically manage its growing demand, ensure the company’s infrastructure can nimbly scale up and down to meet demand, and allow the platform it only pays for the bandwidth it uses.

Rackspace Technology provided its service Optimizer+ to help Nana Direct with billing management and savings recommendations, while focusing on maximizing the return on investment.

According to the client, the collaboration between Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology greatly improved its delivery response times and forecasting, sped up its development cycles, reduced its cost per order and improve the customer experience.

The results Nana Direct gained from upscaling its platform on Google Cloud included:

  • Improving the use of Nana’s delivery trucks by almost 40% with Cloud Fleet Routing.
  • Predicting inventory requirements within 70% accuracy with Vertex-AI Forecast.
  • Enhancing the customer experience through the Nana application using the development tool Firebase to A/B test features.

Read the whole case study here.

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