#cloudchat Recap: Cybersecurity Community and Relationships


#cloudchat Recap: Cybersecurity Community and Relationships

To wrap up our series of cybersecurity-themed chats, we asked the #cloudchat experts to discuss how they build meaningful cybersecurity relationships and communities.

This week’s cloud chatters were also asked to describe a successful cybersecurity pro in three words. Our CTO, John Engates, chose careful, consistent and clever – and we can see those themes pulled through the entirety of this week’s discussion.

Let’s dive in!

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Joining us to hash through this week’s topic was our own Chief Technology Officer John Engates, Senior Manager of Rackspace Managed Security Travis Mercier and security analyst Amanda Schilling. Also weighing in on cybersecurity trends were IBM’s David Cass, Cybric’s mike d. kail, Trend Micro’s Mark Nunnikhoven and VMware's Christopher Campbell. The group discussed the following:

  • Q1: What are your favorite sources for #cybersecurity news, trends and tips?
  • Q2: What’s the most concerning #cybersecurity news or trend you’ve read about recently and why?
  • Q3: What’s about the most exciting #cybersecurity news or trend you’ve read about recently and why?
  • Q4: What are the most valuable #cybersecurity events you’ve attended? What made them useful or enjoyable?
  • Q5: Describe a successful #cybersecurity pro in three words.
  • Q6: How can IT and #cybersecurity pros better communicate the value of proactive #cybersecurity to business leaders and execs?

Kicking off the conversation, we asked our experts to share their favorite sources for cybersecurity news, trends and tips. Almost unanimously, the group included Brian Krebs in their list of must-follows.


Next we asked our experts what cybersecurity trends were most frightening to our industry experts. David Cass said organizations becoming complacent concerns him the most.


VMware’s Christopher Campbell wrote “That security spending is still going up but most orgs are still disjointed on their security strategies because of silo'd IT.”


Moving away from doom and gloom, cloud chatters discussed the most exciting cybersecurity trends they’re seeing. Mark Nunnikhoven and several others agreed that honest dialogue with the c-suite is vital and a step in the right direction.


Furthermore, our CTO John Engates explained that more people migrating to the cloud means they must consider cybersecurity. And as we learned in our #cloudchat on cybersecurity resiliency, security simply cannot be an afterthought, but rather built in from the start.


Travis Mercier said the best way to communicate the need for a proactive cybersecurity strategy is to “Stop using scare tactics and speak in words and values [organizations] understand, business value and opportunity.”


Steven Prentice echoed this thought, noting that to resonate with execs and business decision makers, you must speak their language.


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