End User Access Rules

End User Access Rules:

Limit who can access the personal archive by verifying registered addresses.

1.  There are three dashboards for top-level administrators:  Search, Admin andAdmin User.  Go to the Admin dashboard by clicking on the Admin User link, located in the upper right corner of the screen.  You will now be on the SETTINGStab in the Admin User dashboard. 

2.  Click End User Access Rules

End User Access Rules include two separate lists to choose from:

3.  Allow List - If you are only looking to allow users with your company domain name, @acme.com, then under Allow rules, type *@acme.com.  Only users with this domain will be able to access the archive in future logins.  To add more domains to this list, move down to the next row and continue to follow this process until you have added all desired domains to the Allow List. 

Note:  If you are only updating the allow list, then proceed to step 5.  Otherwise proceed to step 4 to deny specific email domains.

4.  Deny List - You may prefer that your users not register into their login with certain domain names.  For example, consumer domains such as @hotmail.com and @yahoo.com tend to be unpopular with IT administrators.  To create a deny list for these domains, simply type *@hotmail.com, and add *@yahoo.com to the next row.

5.  Click the Update button.