Permission Levels

 Permission Levels:

Rackspace Archiving provides four permission levels for administrators to choose from for their users.  This article shows how to edit permission levels for an existing user or users.  
If you are adding a new user to the Archive, please go here to learn how to add a new user and choose permission levels for a new user. 

1.  There are three dashboards for top-level administrators:  Search, Admin andAdmin User.  Go to the Admin dashboard by clicking on the Admin link, located in the upper right corner of the screen.  
If you do not see the Admin link on the top right, then you are already on the Admin dashboard. 

2.  Click the USERS tab.
3.  Click on the Edit link next to the user you would like to update permissions for.
4.  Under Permissions, select the permission of your choice:

  • Account Admin (AA) – A role likely filled by an individual or group of individuals within the IT organization.  They can create and manage users and their permissions.
  • Search Admin (SA) – Responsible for creating and managing searches.  They may create new searches, edit existing searches, export search details, and assign search access to Search users.
  • Search User (SU) – Responsible for reviewing the search results created by the Search Administrator.  The Search User cannot create a new Search and can only change the scope of a Search if that right has been assigned to them by the Search Administrator.
  • End User (EU) – Permits access to an individual user’s mailbox archive.  They can review, search, or recover any of their own email by logging into your archive site:

5.  Click on the Save changes button.