Set Up Automatic Server Backup

Rackspace Server Backup is powered by Jungle Disk, a sister division within Rackspace. Instructions and links may direct you to the Jungle Disk Account Manager and file download pages. Improvements in integration will be made with future releases. Rackspace Server Backup as a standalone product is sold by Jungle Disk as the “Server Edition.”

To set up an automatic backup, log into the Jungle Disk Server Edition Management tool with your account credentials. These are not the same as your Control Panel admin ID and password. To access your Server Backup credentials, log into the Control Panel, and perform the following steps:

  1. Mouse over the Go to section drop-down menu and select Cloud Drive and Server Backup.
    Cloud drive and server backup tab highlighted.
  2. Use the Admin username and Generated Password to log into the Server Edition Management client.

After logging into the Server Edition Management tool, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Configure button.
  2. Select the server's Backup Vault.
    Backup vault highlighted.
  3. Enter a Job Name, and click the Create button.
  4. Under the newly created backup job, select Schedule.
    Schedule highlighted.
  5. Set the following options as desired:
    • Automatically backup my files every—Select the frequency for the backup. Selecting Day or Week will allow you to select the specific time of day.
    • When a scheduled backup time is missed—If a scheduled backup is missed (e.g. server is off, Internet connection is lost), select whether the backup is to proceed as soon as possible or at the next scheduled backup time.
    • Wake my computer from sleep for scheduled backups—Select this check box to wake the computer for a scheduled backup.
  6. Select What to Backup.
    What to backup highlighted.
  7. Click the Add or Change Backup Folders button.
  8. Select the drive, folders, or files for backup.
  9. To exclude folders and files based on wildcards, click the Advanced Options button.
  10. To set additional options, select  Backup Options.
    Backup options highlighted.
  11. Set the following options as desired:
    • Backup in-use files (NTFS formatted drives only)—Select the check box to backup files that are currently in use by the computer.  For Mac and Linux, locked files are already able to be backed up.
    • Ignore timezone shifts when detecting changed files—For FAT file systems, select this check box and files modified within even hour increments from the previous version will be assumed to be due to time zone shifts.  If you select this check box, there is a small potential that a file update may be overlooked if you happen to update a file on increments of exactly one hour from the recent version.  If you do not have a FAT file system, this check box should not be selected.
    • Backup Retention/Remove updated and deleted files from my backup after—Select the check box to determine how long files that are deleted or updated locally are kept in the Backup Vault for versioning and history.  If left unselected, all deleted and changed files will be kept indefinitely.
    • Backup Reporting—Select whether you wish to receive backup reports and what level of detail they should contain.
    • Backup Scripts/Enable pre and post backup scripts—Select the check box to enable custom processing before, during, and after backup jobs in case of a failure.