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Customized Solutions for Your Custom Apps

Get Optimal Performance and Delivery

Web-enabled applications are as diverse and unique as the businesses that develop them, and they come with their own requirements and technical nuances—from varying compute, storage, and security needs, to often unpredictable load. At Rackspace, we have the experience and expertise to help you, by designing an infrastructure that’s best suited for your custom app.

We offer a flexible mix of cloud, dedicated, and hybrid hosting services to meet the needs of your custom application:

  • Cloud gives you on-demand compute for maximum scalability and flexibility. Learn more
  • Dedicated provides increased performance, reliability, and data isolation, as well as a managed security services portfolio. Learn more
  • RackConnect™ hybrid technology links your Rackspace dedicated and cloud environments, for the best of both worlds. Learn more

And with several service levels to choose from, you can decide how much of the routine monitoring and maintenance you want to perform. Whatever you choose, your Rackspace hosting solution will be backed by Fanatical Support®.

Why Rackspace?

  • Fanatical Support® is always included
  • Mix & match options available using cloud and dedicated environments to create a customized hybrid solution
  • RackConnect™, Private Cloud, and Cloud Servers™ can help you scale to unpredictable traffic
  • Advisory Services Architects & Solutions Engineers available for highly customized configurations
  • Help migrating your applications to Rackspace infrastructure
  • Fully redundant HA environments for business critical apps
  • Managed Security portfolio for varying security and compliance needs
  • Clear & competitive uptime guarantees provide you with peace of mind
  • Ready to See How We Can Help You?

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Best-Fit Solutions

Let us help you build a server architecture that's best for your specific business use.

Media Hosting

User experience is paramount. Host even your most dynamic media, while handling traffic spikes with ease.

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SaaS Application Hosting

Choose the right infrastructure for your app, so you can deliver a solid and reliable end-user experience.

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E-commerce Website Hosting

With e-commerce, every second and every visit counts. Build an architecture that's available, scalable, and designed for security.

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Corporate Website Hosting

When people see your website, they see you. Protect your brand identity by building a reliable site infrastructure.

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Test & Dev Environments

Sandboxes aren't just for kids. Build a test and dev environment in the cloud.

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