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Launch: Noteworthy Sync for Windows Mobile Devices - Rackspace

Jun 11, 2008 ... That is why we are proud to announce the latest addition to our Noteworthy offering, Noteworthy Sync for Windows Mobile devices. This is the ...

www.rackspace.com/.../launch-noteworthy-sync-for-windows-mobile-devices /

Launch: Noteworthy Search 2.0 Release: Speed, Quality and ...

Mar 20, 2009 ... After all, search has become a standard feature of email clients, with Noteworthy Search being added in 2006; efficient search has come to be ...


Get More Out of Noteworthy Webmail Mobile

Apr 3, 2009 ... Noteworthy Webmail Mobile is a simple and easy to use way to access email, calendar, and contacts on your mobile device from Noteworthy.


Launch: Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry - Rackspace

Apr 2, 2008 ... We are excited to announce the release of Noteworthy Sync for BlackBerry, the latest addition to our Noteworthy product offerings. This feature ...


Launch: Noteworthy Webmail 6.6 – Speed Improvements - Rackspace

Mar 11, 2008 ... Last week we launched Noteworthy Webmail 6.6, which includes major performance enhancements. Thanks to these enhancements, ...


Launch: Noteworthy Webmail 6.7 – Improving Usability - Rackspace

Jun 17, 2008 ... We are proud to announce the launch of our latest version of Noteworthy Webmail—a version full of improvements to Webmail's functionality ...


Launch: Noteworthy Webmail Beta 7.0 - Rackspace

Mar 23, 2009 ... This release is the culmination of six months of hard work and represents a major leap forward for the Noteworthy Webmail product. Just a few ...


Launch: Noteworthy Search 2.0 Release: Speed, Quality and ...

Director of Product, Rackspace Email & Apps. Connect with Me. My Favorites: My Latest Posts. 74. 1 Comment. Launch: Noteworthy Search 2.0 Release: Speed, ...


Microsoft Matters, Choice Rules

Apr 8, 2008 ... Yet, we have learned a few things over the years, and those lessons have driven us to offer Hosted Exchange, in addition to Noteworthy.


Add some flair to your email

Jul 2, 2008 ... Recently we decided to expand our HTML capabilities for our Noteworthy customers, or more specifically those customers that use Noteworthy ...


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