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Rackspace Cloud Essentials - Basic Cloud Server Security ...

Jul 15, 2014 ... Follow these steps immediately after creating your Cloud Server to .... Again, change the 'demo' user and group to your admin user and group.


Basic Network Terminology - Web Server & Hosting Definitions

HTTP IDS IIS IP J2EE LAMP Load Balancing Managed Backup Name Server NOC ... Apache was built by a group of open-source programmers and is often used .... Web hosting is a service that allows users to post web pages to the Internet.


Ubuntu - Setup | Knowledge Center | Rackspace Hosting

Nov 13, 2011 ... Allows people in group wheel to run all commands %sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL .... chmod +x /etc/network/if-post-down.d/iptasave # chmod +x ...


Rackspace - managed cloud and Dedicated IaaS Leader

Posted on July 30th, 2014. Stop Mis-Targeting Your Customers. Posted on July 29th, 2014. 24x7x365 Support. 1-800-961-2888 Sales; 1-800-961-4454 Support.


SQL Injection in MySQL | Knowledge Center | Rackspace Hosting

Jun 11, 2014 ... “TinKode has been busy in recent days going after MySQL databases. ..... conducts various tests using the LAMP, stack namely only Linux, ...


Notes from the Rackspace Breakfix Competition

Sep 24, 2008 ... Here is a special guest post from Robert Taylor, a Rackspace Senior Systems Engineer. ... The competition pitted System Administrators comfortable with the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or Perl) ... group: root


Cloud Servers: FAQs | Knowledge Center | Rackspace Hosting

If, after wearing the Systems Administrator hat for a while, you feel that you are out of your league - don't despair! We also offer Cloud Servers with a Managed ...


Simple Load Balancing with Apache | Knowledge Center ...

Nov 6, 2013 ... We'll through in only two software groups: Update your system ... keep in mind that these changes die after you restart apache. I won't go over ...


Advertising Agencies Choose Rackspace Cloud Sites to Run High ...

Apr 3, 2012 ... ... Sitewaves.net, Future Buro and Southern Web Group to Help Power Clients' Sites and Campaigns ... (PaaS) and supports both Linux (LAMP) and Microsoft Windows (. ... Last post: OnMetal Shows Phenomenal Perfo.

www.rackspace.com/.../advertising-agencies-choose-rackspace-cloud-sites-to- run-high-traffic-campaigns-for-clients/

9 Things You Need For Drupal Development

Aug 7, 2013 ... This is a guest post written and contributed by Josh Koenig, co-founder and ... You need to support, motivate and coordinate a group of people who are ... The modern website performance stack goes well beyond LAMP.


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