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A New, Open Era For The Rackspace Cloud

Aug 2, 2012 ... Yesterday kicked off a new era for our customers and the Rackspace Cloud: an era of openness, choice and innovation. It's been 18 months in ...


Building43 – A new era for Rackspace and the internet

Mar 14, 2009 ... Seth Godin speaks of the move from the mass media era to the search engine era to the social media era of truly engaging users in the ...


Cloudant On Rackspace: Data Layer For The Big Apps Era

Dec 19, 2012 ... This is a guest post written and contributed by Mike Miller, Co-founder, Chief Scientist of Cloudant, a Rackspace Cloud Tools partner. Cloudant ...

www.rackspace.com/.../cloudant-on-rackspace-data-layer-for-the-big-apps- era/

Two More Reasons the Cloud Era Will be Open

Apr 21, 2011 ... Nine months ago, we joined forces with NASA and 20 leading tech companies to launch OpenStack, the open source project and community ...


Building43 – A new era for Rackspace and the internet

Mar 14, 2009 ... Building43 – A new era for Rackspace and the internet. So, the big news is out: Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica are Rackers. And now, the ...


Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick to Provide Powerful Server ...

Dec 16, 2010 ... Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick to Provide Powerful Server Management Tools for the Cloud Computing Era. SAN ANTONIO – December 16, ...

www.rackspace.com/.../rackspace-acquires-cloudkick-to-provide-powerful- server-management-tools-for-the-cloud-computing-era/

[INFOGRAPHIC] Data Center Evolution: 1960 to 2000

Aug 31, 2011 ... During the 1980s, the computer industry experienced the boom of the microcomputer era and computers were being widely used in the office.


Opening The Rackspace Cloud

Jul 18, 2010 ... The PC era was all about putting a computer on every desk. The cloud era goes a step further, putting the power of supercomputing at the literal ...


Run Like Rackspace: Accelerate Your Business

Mar 26, 2013 ... Over the next decade, the smartphone era emerged. Today, most people have a pocket-sized device more powerful than many home ...


GitHub's Move from "Cloud" to Dedicated

Oct 8, 2009 ... There are really two cloud debates going on right now. One, is simply about the era of buying computing over the web vs. building it in house.


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