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Providing Flexible Hosting with Deep Ecommerce Experience ...

Apr 8, 2013 ... Amplifi Commerce relies on Rackspace to architect Magento environments and provide emerging brands with custom solutions.

www.rackspace.com/.../providing-flexible-hosting-with-deep-ecommerce- experience

SharePoint In The Cloud

Jun 11, 2013 ... Remote access and ability to develop and create custom solutions against this type of farm are typically the same as on-premises. Examples of ...


Announcing Cloud Load Balancing Private Beta

Nov 9, 2010 ... REST-based API – The RESTful API will let you develop custom solutions to automate the entire process of managing and controlling the Cloud ...


Scaling A Drupal Community With Authenticated Users

Jul 15, 2013 ... ... in the long term. In general, we find that this saves us from having to implement custom solutions before we need them (if in fact we ever do!).

www.rackspace.com/.../scaling-a-drupal-community-with-authenticated-users /

Custom Apps Hosting Solutions by Rackspace Hosting

Deliver your custom applications with the highest security standards and 100% uptime with Rackspace Hosting.


Building Trust On A Hybrid Cloud

Apr 1, 2014 ... We work hard to deliver the best results for our customers through custom solutions and expert guidance, the same way Rackers do.


Soluções da Rackspace para hospedagem de apps personalizados

Entregue suas aplicações personalizadas com os mais altos padrões de segurança e 100% de tempo de funcionamento com a Hospedagem Rackspace.


Three Uncommon Uses for SharePoint

May 24, 2012 ... ... with the rest of the product's competencies it is possible to build powerful custom solutions that can take collaboration to an entirely new level.


Business Resiliency: Four Pragmatic Approaches Towards ...

Aug 23, 2014 ... ... have started to see SharePoint not just as a productivity platform, but also as an application platform on which to create custom solutions.

www.rackspace.com/.../business-resiliency-four-pragmatic-approaches- towards-becoming-more-resilient-to-business

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