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Cloud Servers Pricing - Rackspace Hosting

We charge for Cloud Servers by the minute—pay only for what you use.


Cloud Servers

On-demand performance computing backed by Fanatical Support®.


Cloud storage & unlimited online file storage - Rackspace Cloud Files

Get online object storage for files and media, delivered globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide content delivery network (CDN).


Load Balancing as a Service - Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers

Keep your websites and applications running fast by distributing traffic across resources. Also get on-demand server failover for critical workloads.


Rackspace Hosting

... for free from these countries. Argentina / 0800-999-1438; Brazil / 0-800-020- 1543; Chile ... www.rackspace.com/cloud_hosting_products/servers/technology ...


Cloud Servers Features - Rackspace Hosting

Cloud Servers provide all the features you need to build your website or application. Sign up today.


Unlimited Web Hosting for Developers & Designers - Rackspace ...

Premium web hosting for serious developers: 99.9% uptime guarantee ~ Easy deployments ~ Unlimited domains ~ Fanatical Support®


Public cloud hosting, computing, storage, and networking by ...

Use our high-performance public cloud platform to support your websites, applications, file storage, and backup. Sign up for free!


Cloud Databases

Cloud Databases provides a fast, scalable, fully managed service for MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB.


Cloud Monitoring - Server, App & Website Monitoring by Rackspace

Learn more about Rackspace's API-driven cloud Monitoring for Sys Admins and Developers. Cloud Monitoring automatically scales to match the size of your ...


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