Giving Back! Rackspace has taken to heart the old advice of thinking globally and acting globally. And we're proud of what we are doing for the folks next door- both literally and figuratively.


Where we live, work & play

Our investment to the community goes beyond just a company value - our Rackers sincerely love doing all they can to make where we live, work and play a better place. When Rackers realized a bigger impact could be made when they united their efforts, they started an employee-led volunteer corps called Rack Gives Back.

Donning their signature yellow shirts, Rack Gives Back goes out and does some incredible things. 

  • Rackers spent 5323.5 hours volunteering
  • 2932 hours dedicated to team/business unit service projects
  • Rack Gives Back Employee involvement - 11.5% global employees/18.5% headquarter employees
  • 457 Rackers donated to the Rackspace Foundation
  • Quarterly Grants Review Committee - made up of Rackers who volunteer to review grant applications and make funding recommendations
  • Over 50 Rackers currently serve on nonprofit boards or committees