Giving Back! Rackspace has taken to heart the old advice of thinking globally and acting locally. And we're proud of what we are doing for the folks next door - both literally and figuratively.


Recycling an old mall

When we outgrew our former headquarters at Rackspace, we could have built a shiny campus in any of a dozen glitzy suburbs that were courting us in Texas, California or North Carolina. Instead we decided to renovate an abandoned mall in a declining part of San Antonio where we could make a difference.

Revitalizing a Mall
by Rackspace Hosting
January 2008

Adopting the neighborhood

Since moving in to our new home, which we like to call “The Castle”, we’ve adopted the high school right next door along with the six elementary and middle schools that feed into it to make up “The Magnificent Seven".

In addition to implementing a strong mentorship program through "Big Brothers Big Sisters", Rackers have donated more than $2 million to these needy schools through our 501c3, the Rackspace Foundation.