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Server Virtualization powered by VMware

Get reliable, supported virtualization for your enterprise applications. You enjoy the benefits of the cloud—like flexible compute, easy scaling, and availability—combined with the reliability, easy management, and advanced features of enterprise-class VMware® virtualization technology. See how Server Virtualization can help your business by viewing our reference architectures.

About 70% of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized data center goes towards just maintaining the existing infrastructure, with little left for innovation.


Simplified management

Create, customize, clone, and provision VMs directly from the MyRackspace® portal, or call our experts for assistance.

Fully managed up to the guest OS

Offload OS maintenance to Rackspace, freeing up your team to focus on other projects that help drive growth for your company.

Prepare for the unexpected

Add Rackspace VM Replication, or Replication Manager powered by VMware® SRM, to your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

Reduce costs

Consolidating servers lets you control costs by reducing the amount of hardware you use.

Rackspace knows virtualization

By working with us, you save time and enjoy a reliable infrastructure. With thousands of customers hosted across our nine global data centers, we offer one of the world’s largest VMware virtualization environments, providing deep virtualization hosting knowledge backed by Fanatical Support®. Check out our Managed Virtualization PDF for more information.

Minimize overhead:

  • We manage and support your virtualized configuration, as well as the underlying hardware and network infrastructure, 24x7x365

  • VCP-certified architects are available to assist with the design, configuration, and deployment of your virtualized configuration

  • You can manage multi-data center virtual environments via a single, easy-to-use screen in the MyRackspace customer portal

Enjoy peace of mind:

  • Our data center engineers manage the underlying hardware and network infrastructure around the clock

  • We offer VM Recovery, a Managed Backup feature that helps you preserve your VMs by allowing you to backup and restore entire VMs from your hypervisor-based snapshots

  • We offer VMware vSphere™ 5.1 hypervisors, providing clustering support for high availability, cloning of virtual machines, snapshots, and vMotion for automated resource optimization and distribution of workloads

Experience reliable virtualization with Fanatical Support.

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