Where are the Rackspace data centers located?

Rackspace has data centers located across the globe to better serve you, grouped into regions according to their locations. Regions are referred to by the three-letter codes of nearby airports, like DFW for Dallas/Fort Worth and ORD for Chicago. Not all cloud services are available in all regions.

For more information about regions and a full list of available regions, see About regions and our Global Infrastructure page.

To find the region in which a Cloud Site is deployed, log in to the Cloud Sites Control Panel and view the test link for the site. The region is displayed in the portion of the testing URL's domain that comes before websitetestlink. For example, if the testing URL is http://www.domain.com.php5-1.dfw1-1.websitetestlink.com, the site is in the DFW region.  Cloud Sites is available only in the DFW and ORD regions, and an account cannot have Cloud Sites deployed to more than one region.

To find the region for other deployed cloud services, check the details page for the provisioned service in the Cloud Control Panel.

The provisioning of cloud services might be restricted in some regions in which they are normally available because of maintenance or capacity concerns. Contact Support to request access to a restricted region.

Note: At this time, the provisioning of cloud services in the ORD region is not available to new customers. If you are a new customer, you can open a ticket in the Cloud Control Panel to add ORD to your account, pending approval.

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