What Is Email Forwarding? How Do I Set It Up on Cloud Sites?

NOTE: This article is written for our Cloud Sites Control Panel. You can access this interface from the Cloud Control Panel by clicking your username in the upper-right of the control panel and selecting "Cloud Sites Control Panel".

Email is no longer offered as a feature for Cloud Sites.  This article is here to support legacy customers with email accounts.

What is email forwarding? How do I set it up?

Email forwarding allows you to automatically send all of the emails received at a configured email account to one or more email addresses.

NOTE: You may set up a total of 15 email forwards. Of the 15 forwarding addresses, a maximum of 4 of them can be used that are on an external domain (a domain other than that which the email is configured on). These entries must be delineated separated by commas.

To set up an email forward for one of your email accounts:

1.    Log in to the Cloud Sites Control Panel.

2.    In the left navigation bar, click Hosting > Cloud Sites.

3.    Select the Cloud Site domain name that contains the email account you would like to add the email forward to.

4.    Click the Email accounts tab.

5.    Select the email account from the list.

6.    At the bottom of this page, enter the email address you want to forward to in the Forwarding Address field (multiple entries MUST be separated by commas).

7.    Click Save. It may take up to 15 minutes for the changes to the mail account become effective.

NOTE: When the email forward has taken effect, email will no longer arrive at this mailbox. It will be immediately sent to the forward address(es).

To have the mail server retain a copy of the message:

1.    Log in to webmail (http://webmail.emailsrvr.com) for the email address that has the forwarding addresses applied to it.

2.    Click the Settings link in the top right corner.

3.    On the left menu, click the Incoming Email link.

4.    Under the Forwarding tab, check the Save a copy of forwarded email check box.

5.    Click Save. Again, allow up to 15 minutes to lapse prior to testing any of these changes.

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