What does the ticket status mean?

To see how to create a ticket, watch our brief video on How to create a ticket.

Once a ticket is created, it can be in one of the following four states depending on the work done on it.

  1. New
  2. In progress
  3. Pending your response
  4. Solved
  5. Closed
  • As soon as a ticket is opened by a Rackspace Cloud customer it is in the "New" state.
  • Once it is reviewed by The Rackspace Cloud support team it moves to the "In Progress" state or "Solved".
  • If the support team needs more information from the customer to fix the issue the ticket may move to the "Pending your response" state
  • Once a ticket is in "Solved" state, a customer can move the same to "Closed" or reopen it in which case it moves to the "In progress" state.
  • If a customer does not explicitly close or reopen a "Solved" ticket it automatically goes to "Closed" state in seven days.

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