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Troubleshooting the Monitoring Agent

Issue: The Agent is not installed on my server.

Log onto your Cloud Server as root and install the agent. See Install the Monitoring Agent for installation instructions.

Issue: The Monitoring Agent is installed, but doesn't appear to be connected to my server.

For the agent to work properly, it must be associated with your server using a Cloud Monitoring entity. The entity is simply a representation of your server in the monitoring system.

Verify the agent is associated with your server by performing these steps:

  1. Check that /etc/rackspace-monitoring-agent.cfg exists and contains a valid agent token and id. 

  2. Check for errors and status information in /var/log/rackspace-monitoring-agent.log.

  3. Run the following command to verify the agent is running: 

$ ps aux | grep rackspace-monitoring-agent

Contact Support

If you need additional help, contact a Support Racker by opening a Support ticket, calling Support, or starting a Live Chat with a Support Racker. You can initiate any of these support methods using the Cloud Control Panel.

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