Simple Email Setup: Outlook For Windows

The Following Article will guide you through using our Simple Email setup tool located in Outlook Web Access (OWA.) to setup your Outlook email client with Exchange 2010. Let's take a look and get started:

1. First thing you'll do is login into with your email address and password.

2. Next, in the top right hand corner select Options and then select See All Options. In the next screen, select Setup Outlook under "Shortcuts to things you can do."


3.  After you've selected Setup Outlook your file will begin to download. Locate the file after it's fully downloaded and double click on the file to run the file.

4. As soon as the file finishes running, a pop screen will appear asking you for your credentials. Enter in email address and password for the email account your creating and the verification process will begin.

5. After your credentials are verified, Outlook will begin to open and another screen will ask you for your credentials one more time. Enter in your email address and password, select OK and if everything is correct, your profile will be created and mail will start to sync to your inbox.


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