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My CGI/Perl script is not working. What should I do?

If your CGI/Perl script is not working, please check the following:

1. Is CGI/Perl scripting enabled on your domain? How do I enable/disable CGI/Perl scripting on my site?

2. Did you save the file with ".cgi" or ".pl" extension?

3. Did you upload the file to the "cgi-bin" directory? Where do I upload my CGI/Perl files?

4. Did you set the permissions on the file to 755?

5. Did you upload the file in ASCII? Should my CGI/Perl script be uploaded in ASCII or binary?

6. Did you set the path to Perl correctly? What is the path to Perl?

If you are continuing to have issues, check to see if the script requires any additional modules that must be installed. You can run a PerlDigger script as shown here, How can I test CGI/Perl functionality?, for additional information about our environment.

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