Migrate Email and Data using MigrationWiz

This article will demonstrate how to use MigrationWiz provided in the Email & Apps Control Panel to migrate email data from your previous hosting provider over to Rackspace Email or Microsoft Exchange. These migration steps demonstrate the use of our private label version of MigrationWiz. This means that many features that are present in the Full Version of MigrationWiz are not readily available. You may use the Full Version if you choose to. For information on using the full version, see Accessing the Full Version of MigrationWiz.

Pre-Migration Steps:

Before you begin your migration, you will first need to create your mailboxes on the Rackspace Email and Apps environment. Please note the migration tool will not create your mailboxes for you. Below are links that will assist you in creating your mailboxes.

Rackspace Email:    How to add Rackspace Email mailboxes
Microsoft Exchange:  How to add Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
Remember to keep the usernames and passwords handy for both your previous service and our environment. The migration tool will require that you enter this information.
Helpful Links:
In order to ensure that mail is routed properly to your new mailboxes, the MX records will need to be updated for your domain. The following link will provide you with the appropriate DNS records.

Updating your MX Records
For configuring your email clients and mobile devices, feel free to use our amazing Email Configurator!


Migration Steps:

1. Log into your Control Panel and Click on the Domains section.

2. On the Domains Home screen, click on Migrations in the Tool section.

3. In order to access Migration Wiz for a Self Migration, you will need to select the option, Get Started with MigrationWiz Now.

4. You will be redirected to the MigrationWiz portal.  In order to get started, we will need a valid way to communicate with you about your migration.  Please enter a contact email address in the Email Address box, agree to the Terms of Service (BitTitan is MigrationWiz), then click Login . You will then see a notification informing you that an email with a secure link has been sent to your email address.

5. Here is what the email will look like.

6. It’s time to locate your server information.  You will need the server information for your existing email service.  Your new email system’s server information will be auto-populated.  Then, select Next .

7. You will need to select the system type that you're migrating from along with the server and port number if needed. For Destination, select the service that you are migrating to, Rackspace Email or Microsoft Exchange 2010. Then, select Next.

8. Enter the Email address, User name and password for the Source and Destination mailbox. You may migrate multiple mailboxes by clicking the + symbol or importing mailboxes from the spreadsheet link provided. Then, click Next.

9. MigrationWiz will perform a Trial Migration. This trial will ensure that connectivity is successful to both Source and Destination mailboxes based on the information entered. Click Next to begin the trial migration. You will be updated in the Status section.

10. When you see the Status of Ready for migration, click Next to begin.

11. On this screen you will need to pay for your migration licenses. Please specify your payment information. Agree to the Terms of Service, then select the Next button.

12. You may now begin your full migration. Click Next to begin.

13. After your migration has completed, you may run another pass by selecting Migrate new items

14. After selecting finish, you can select on the My Migrations link. Here you will find a list of all of your projects. In order to begin a new project, select Start a new migration.

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