Installing fwbuilder

Note: The commands and utilities in this article have been tested on a Debian Cloud Server. They are not guaranteed to function correctly on other distributions. However, the General Package Installation Guidelines article may assist in "porting" this article to another distro.

Prerequisites: VNC Install or X over SSH.


Fwbuilder is an advanced graphical firewall configuration tool. It is used to set up complex firewall policies in situations where command-line scripting tools would simply be too slow or clunky. For simpler configurations or for users who are newer to Linux, we recommend our iptables articles.


Fwbuilder may either be downloaded from Sourceforge or installed via your Cloud Server's built-in package manager:

aptitude install fwbuilder

That's it! Connect to your Cloud Server using the instructions in the VNC or X over SSH articles above, then simply type


to launch the application.


Dozens of excellent fwbuilder tutorials already exist. The information in these guides will work just as well, if not better, than anything we could write. Thus, rather than reproducing the information here, we will simply link to a few of our favorites:

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