Creating an Image of Your Performance Cloud Server with the Control Panel

An image takes a snapshot of the system configuration of your server so that you can create new servers with the same setup. You can use images to scale horizontally by creating duplicate servers behind a load balancer or scale vertically by creating a new server with a larger size and the same configuration.

With Performance Cloud Servers, you may only take an image of the system disk. To create copies of your data disk(s), you can use Cloud Block Storage or Rackspace Cloud Backup. For a comparison of the two options, see Best Practices for Backing Up Your Data: Cloud Block Storage versus Cloud Backup.

These instructions show you how to create an image through the Control Panel. To create an image with the API, see the "Create Image" section of the Next Generation Cloud Servers Developer Guide.

Once you have created an image, you can create a new server from it. For details, see the "Create the Destination Server" section in Migrating to a Performance Cloud Server.


To Create an Image of Your System Drive through the Control Panel

1. Log into the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel (

2. Click Servers.
    If you do not see a list of your servers, click Cloud Servers.

3. Click the name of the server that you want to create an image of.

4. After the server information is loaded, scroll down to the Images section and click Create Image.


4. Enter a name for your image and click the Create Image button.


The system starts creating the image. After your image is complete, it appears in the Saved Images list under Servers.

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