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·       Release Notes

·       Cloud Files Introduction Guide

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The Rackspace Cloud Files API is a RESTful API, with support for all major bindings listed below:

·       Java SDK

·       .NET SDK

·       PHP SDK

·       Python SDK

·       Ruby SDK

Popular How To Articles from the Rackspace Knowledge Center

The Rackspace Knowledge Center houses “how-to” articles, getting started guides, code samples, security best practices and hundreds of tips for getting the most out of your Cloud Files.  Check out these popular articles:

·       Rackspace Cloud Files FAQs

·       Rackspace Cloud Files CDN Streaming FAQs

·       Best Practices Using Cloud Files

·       Using Cloud Files on the Cloud Control Panel

·       Mounting Rackspace Cloud Files to Linux Using CloudFuse

·       Cloud Files: Generating Your API Key

·       Sample API Code Snippets for Java, Ruby, Python, C#, PHP, and Flash


Popular Technical Articles from the Rackspace Blog

·       Cloud Files: CDN Video Streaming

·       Cloud Files: How To Create A Static Website

·       Storing Data In Cloud Files With Rails

·       Cloud Files CDN SSL Delivery

·       Cloud Files Supports CNAMEs for CDN Enabled Content

·       Rackspace Cloud Files: How To Use Object Versioning

·       Rackspace Cloud Does Droid

·       Your Cloud Storage Stuck In A Proprietary Platform?

·       Cloud Files/Swift Developer Profiles


Learn About the OpenStack Object Storage Swift Project

Rackspace Cloud Files is powered by OpenStack's Object Storage "Swift" project. If you want to build your own OpenStack Object Storage solution or dig into the details of the OpenStack project that powers Cloud Files, check out:

·       How to Contribute Code



·       Cloud Files/Swift Developers – Part 1

·       Cloud Files/Swift Developers – Part 2

·       Cloud Files Demo

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