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Alarm Language - Generic Thresholds Made Easy

Alarm Language - Generic Thresholds Made Easy

Forget cumbersome editing of config files on a Nagios server.

Rackspace Cloud Monitoring lets you:

  • Set thresholds with an easy to use alarm language:

    if (metrics['code'] != "200") {
     return CRITICAL, "Bad HTTP Status: #{code}"
  • Create expressive alarms that validate multiple criteria while maintaining an easy to use javascript-like interface:

    if (metric['duration'] > 2000) {
     return CRITICAL, "HTTP request took more than 2 seconds, it took #{duration} milliseconds."
    if (metric['duration'] > 1000) {
     return WARNING, "HTTP request took more than 1 second, it took #{duration} milliseconds."
    # Check for an empty body match
    if (metric['body_match'] == "") {
     return CRITICAL, "Body match missing"
    return OK, "HTTP connection time is normal"
  • See the solution patterns in our best practices documentation and then easily create your own complex alarms.
  • Put developers in control, letting them build thresholds similar to how you create your application code.
  • Test thresholds before you configure them. Use data from our Test Check API and feed that into our Test Alarm API to simulate an alerting scenario.
  • Use multi-datacenter alerting policies to seamlessly evaluate alarm criteria from multiple datacenters:

The graph above shows a check running in 3 monitoring zones. The yellow and red areas represent when an alarm is in WARNING and CRITICAL respectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Don't run a DIY nagios server.
  • Start monitoring faster and spend less sysadmin time on making sure that server stays up.
  • Reduce false alerts on network hiccups.
  • Monitor your website from up to 5 different locations. Set the policy you’d like to execute on mixed results.
  • Send an alert to different notification addresses depending on severity.
  • Supports dual stacks, both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Our flexible alerting language puts you in control, don’t bother with an awkward JSON API for defining thresholds.


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