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Simplify and speed up application deployment

Your application needs more than just robust infrastructure. It needs agile tools and processes to help you continuously deliver new features to market-as quickly and easily as possible.

We understand that well. In just the last year, we launched 18 of our own new products, pushing code into production over 2,500 times. We couldn't have managed such a rapidly evolving platform without an efficient and scalable release management process.

Our DevOps Automation managed service offers you the same automated release management that our own teams use to efficiently deploy new products and features to production.

Appboy uses our DevOps Services

Improved productivity

Improved productivity

Our team can take on the deployment and configuration tasks that your developers usually handle.

Faster deployments

Faster deployments

Use automation to reduce the cycle time between your code releases.

Agile infrastructure

Agile infrastructure

When workload traffic changes, easily scale your infrastructure to meet its needs.

DevOps specialists available 24x7x365 to help you build an agile platform. It doesn't matter where your application runs (in the cloud, on dedicated hardware, or both) or how often you need to deploy (we have customers who deploy to production multiple times a day). We'll build cookbooks for your new and existing applications, collect performance metrics, and optimize your infrastructure for peak performance.

Why choose DevOps at Rackspace

Fast scalability

Automation reduces the amount of time required to deploy new servers. Combine with cloud or hybrid to easily manage massive capacity increases.

Strict source control

Because every change gets tracked in detail, you can audit and revert to previous versions as needed.

Better config management

We use Chef to create identical dev, test, and prod environments, so you spend less time managing infrastructure complexity.

Support the entire application stack

See all features for a comprehensive list of supported tools, languages, and platforms.

Join our DevOps Automation managed service.

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“Having a Rackspace team that is composed of experts—on server automation, on Chef—that they know how to build it to follow all of the best practices is going to make our environment management much, much, much simpler.”

– Jon Hyman, CIO and Co-founder, AppBoy

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