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MongoDB made simple, scalable, reliable, and fast

ObjectRocket is the managed MongoDB service on the cloud. It’s a sharded environment that helps you scale automatically or manually with ease, with an architecture purpose-built to optimize the performance of MongoDB. And our support team has your back, with deep expertise operating MongoDB at scale. Visit objectrocket.com for detailed information.


ObjectRocket enables you to provision an instance in seconds and to grow without pain. Start small and scale automatically. Get a plan that best suits your workload: lots of smaller shards for high throughput, or fewer larger shards for lots of data but just a few queries. Choose from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes.

High performance

We’ve optimized every aspect of the stack specifically for MongoDB and Redis. From the network stack, file system, and OS kernel, to the application itself, all have been carefully and meticulously designed with a holistic approach to making your data tier run as fast as possible. Each instance is also stored on pure solid-state disks (SSD) for the highest performance.

High availability

When an instance is provisioned, it’s automatically multiplexed across multiple, physically separate systems for redundancy. Multiple load-balanced servers provide access, and replica sets with at least one secondary are standard. You can also choose higher levels of protection with a geo-redundant secondary in a separate data center, if needed. Backups are done automatically and are provided free of charge for each instance.

Deep expertise

ObjectRocket provides an easy-to-use, amazing MongoDB and Redis experience for your app—but if you ever need help, our expert engineering staff is here to help.

About MongoDB

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL, JSON-style document store engine used by companies of all sizes, across all industries and for a wide variety of applications. With schema-less databases, it allows applications to evolve easily, while still providing the functionality developers expect from a database and more—including a query language, primary-secondary replication, and sharding, among others.

About Redis

Redis is an in-memory key-value datastore technology that focuses on outstanding performance. Easy to set up and highly versatile, users look to Redis to cache information and persistently store simple data sets.

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