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Intensive Service Level Agreement

The Intensive SLA goes beyond guaranteeing network and infrastructure performance to protect customers against unscheduled outages in their applications and websites. In addition to our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and 1-hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee, the Intensive SLA provides guarantees around a set of fundamental services.

The proprietary details of this SLA's coverage are only available by contacting a Rackspace sales representative. A brief overview of the components and guarantees is listed below.

Network & Data Center Infrastructure

Guarantees monitoring of Customer's hosted configuration and response to monitoring events.

Servers & Devices

Guarantees repair and replacement of hardware components in a Customer's hosted configuration.

Security & Patching

Guarantees the timely application of all relevant security patches to the operating system, supported applications, and related components of a hosted configuration.

Backup & Restore

Guarantees backup and restore procedures, delivery guidelines, and response time for a data restoration event.

Monitoring & Response

Guarantees monitoring of Customer's hosted configuration and response to monitoring events.
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