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Storage Area Network (SAN)

Enterprise-class Storage to Meet Your Evolving Storage Needs

Storage area networks capitalize on the best of the storage and network technologies to provide a low latency, high bandwidth interconnect which can span large distances, provide high connectivity and good management infrastructure from the start.

  • Performance
  • Price

Fully Managed, High-Performance & High-Capacity Storage

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a highly available, reliable solution leveraging fully redundant architecture—a must-have for any mission-critical application. Additionally, its high storage capacity makes SAN an extremely scalable solution, offering the ability to grow with your evolving storage needs.

Rackspace offers you two fully-managed EMC® SAN choices: shared SAN and dedicated SAN for your diverse storage needs. Choose from various storage models offered upon two storage solutions, depending on your required performance, access protocols, and capacity needs, as well as a choice of RAID configurations for optimal enhanced protection and performance.

When you supplement the technology and choices with our expert SAN Engineers and second-to-none support, you have a serious, reliable storage solution—without the complexities and costs that come with building, maintaining, and running SAN.

Shared Storage Area Network (Shared SAN)

  • Ideal enterprise—class solution for customers with low-to-medium performance requirements
  • Support for block-access storage protocols only
  • Pay-as-you-grow—start with and pay for the resources required for today and add more capacity if and when you need it
  • No need to worry about over-purchasing or overgrowing your storage environment in a few months or years

Dedicated Storage Area Network (dSAN)

  • Ideal Enterprise-class solution for customers with high-performance and highly secure storage needs
  • Support for file & block-access storage protocols (CIFS/NFS/Fibre Channel)
  • Snapshots and clones enable easy data backup and local replication
  • dSAN to dSAN replication between Rackspace Data Centers is available to address regional disasters and outages or other business-impacting events
  • Allows Rackspace DC to Rackspace DC array-based replication between dSAN arrays using asynchronous RecoverPoint Appliance

dSAN at Rackspace

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