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Dedicated Network Attached Storage (dNAS)

Enterprise-class Storage to Meet Your Evolving Storage Needs

For data sets consisting of performance and capacity intensive workloads, like rich media sites, content libraries, online archiving, transaction processing, and Big Data solutions, flexible, scalable enterprise-class storage is an absolute necessity. It is the engine that drives your users’ overall experience. Data has to be served up fast and reliably to your users without latency issues.

Your storage solution has to be optimized to help support workflow productivity and growth acceleration. It should also easily scale-out to meet the demands of your business—without causing an impact to performance.

And to round it out, your storage solution should give you higher efficiencies with deduplication coupled with the ability to mirror your virtualized environment to another geographic location. After all, enterprise-class storage should be just that: enterprise.

Dedicated NAS at Rackspace delivers these solutions and more by combining multiple technologies into storage solutions, backed by Fanatical Support.
  • Performance
  • Price
All-encompassing storage solutions best for rich media websites, applications, databases, or virtualized environments with substantial scalability requirements.

Solutions at a Glance

Enterprise-class storage designed to provide robust,
scalable storage for file & block-based data sets
Enterprise-class, scale-out storage designed to provide powerful, simple, and reliable storage for file-level data sets exceeding 100TB
  • Scale up to 2.1PB of raw storage
  • Support for file & block-based storage protocols
  • Support for file & block-access to data from Windows or Linux
  • Support for Deduplication, Snapshots, SnapMirror, SnapVault
  • Scale up to 20PB of raw storage
  • Support for NAS & Hadoop file-based protocols
  • Support for file-access to data from Windows or Linux
  • Data Replication services between Rackspace data centers
  • Support for SyncIQ, SnapshotIQ, SmartPools, SmartQuotas, and SmartConnect
Data replication services between Rackspace data centers

Customizable configuration options designed to meet the needs of your business

Dedicated Rackspace Storage Team with data preservation and replication expertise

Data Preservation included for greater stability and recoverability of data

Unlimited 24x7x365 Fanatical Support®

Additional Services—Remote Data Replication

To ensure that you're able to preserve all of your data, not just what you host at Rackspace, we offer you the ability to replicate your off-site NetApp arrays from your data center to ours with our Remote Data Replication Service. Remote Data Replication will provide you with the geographic diversity you need in case of a regional disaster or outage. It differs from our dNAS solution in that it's a shared, supplementary service with a utility-based pricing model.
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