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Features of Server Virtualization powered by VMware

Let us help you design and deploy a scalable, managed virtualized environment customized for your needs. Our team of VMware® virtualization engineers manages your environment 24x7x365—even providing support for the virtualization and guest-OS layers. We also provide an industry-leading SLA.

Simplified management

Control your hosted environment via the MyRackspace® control panel. Server Virtualization lets you create, customize, clone, and provision VMs easily on demand. Or call our experts for assistance.

No operating system maintenance

We fully support the guest OS layer, including managed backup, antivirus, monitoring, and patching.

Reduce costs

Use fewer physical servers. When you use virtualization to consolidate servers, you save money in hardware provisioning and maintenance.

Drive up value

Make the most of your compute resources. Higher VM density increases hypervisor utilization, so you get more out of your hardware.

Fully managed

We handle purchasing, management, and renewal for software licenses and hardware components.

Powerful monster VMs

Provision VMs with up to 64 vCPUs and 1TB of vRAM for performance-hungry workloads like large databases.

Enhanced security

Your VMs reside in a single-tenant environment, so your data is more isolated than on a shared server.

Virtualization platform & hypervisor

Server Virtualization uses VMware vSphere® 5.1 and the VMware ESXi™ hypervisor architecture.

Lower your monthly bill

Save money by turning off VMs in the portal when you're not using them.

Automated live migration

Increase VM availability by automatically migrating your workload (capabilities depend on the details of your configuration).


Safely commit changes and roll back updates.

Let us help create your ideal virtualized environment.

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