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Get out of the data center business

Migrate your VMware®-powered production workloads from your on-premise data center (DC) into a fully managed Rackspace DC. With Managed Virtualization, you get your choice of two options: control your VMs directly, or let us manage them for you.

Benefits of Managed Virtualization at Rackspace

  • Free up your IT resources and expand DC capacity quickly.
  • VMware Certified Professionals available to help architect complex virtualized environments.
  • Fanatical Support® available 24x7x365.
  • Physical isolation of the network, compute, and storage layers for increased security and predictable performance.
  • Industry-leading uptime and SLA guarantees.
Managed Virtualiztion

Dedicated VMware® vCenter Server™

  • Suited for
    Customers who require a similar level of control and familiarity as that available with their on-premise VMware environments
  • Self-service capabilities
    Direct access via the VMware vCenter Management Console, or using familiar API-compatible tools

Unlimited VMs included in monthly hypervisor pricing

Server Virtualization powered by VMware®

  • Suited for
    Customers who prefer simplified management tools and don't require control via native VMware or third-party applications
  • Self-service capabilities
    Manage your environment through the MyRackspace control panel

Monthly pricing for hypervisor with utility pricing for VMs

Experience Fanatical Support for your VMware-powered environments.

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