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Programmable mail servers

Mailgun by Rackspace is a powerful set of APIs to send, receive, and track email in your websites and apps. All Rackspace Cloud customers automatically receive a Mailgun account and can send 50,000 emails/month for free!

Easily send and track email

Easily send and track email

When you use Mailgun to send your transactional and marketing emails, they'll be delivered, fast. And you can track everything so you know exactly what happened to every email or campaign.

Easily send and track email
Process emails like a champ

Process emails like a champ

Being an incredibly successful company means lots of incoming emails from your customers. No problem. Mailgun's powerful Routes feature lets you process incoming emails so they go to the right team. You can even POST incoming emails directly to your application.

Integrated with your account

All Rackspace Cloud customers automatically get a Mailgun account and can send 50,000 emails/month for free! Your Mailgun and Rackspace accounts have a single sign-on, so there are no multiple usernames & passwords to manage. And you don't even need to enter a credit card unless you want to send more than 50,000 per month. Access your Mailgun account directly through the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.

Integrated with your account

Effortless email management

“Everyday, developers cry out in pain as they try to understand the twists and turns of managing a mail server. Mailgun removes this pain for us. ”

- Parse

Optimized email handling

“Handling incoming email is where Mailgun really shines: all emails are converted to UTF-8; there's always a 'plain' (text only) version of the email sent to us, even if the original email only included HTML; and they offer a 'stripped-text' field, which lets us easily see the new part of an email thread.”

- Uservoice

Consistently fast

“We use Mailgun because it concentrates on transactional emails, rather than other mail services which are more geared towards bulk mailings. Mailgun is consistently fast.”

- PagerDuty

Get email that's made for developers

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