Testing & Development Environments in the Cloud

Having a place to do test and development work is needed just as much as a production environment. However, many businesses don’t invest the time and money to build and manage a test/development environment due to the expense and headache of managing that infrastructure. With a cloud environment, it’s actually quite simple to set up and can be done inexpensively.

Watch this webinar to learn how the Rackspace Cloud can help you set up a flexible and cost-effective test and development environment so that you can focus on building your website or application, not managing the test & development infrastructure.

Topics covered:

• How Rackspace solves many of the problems associated with running test & dev environment
• Which cloud products you should consider when planning your test & dev environment
• How TeamSnap, a Rackspace Cloud customer, was able to build a flexible test & development environment for their successful scheduling application


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