Cloudonomics: The Economics of Cloud Computing

This webinar is part of the CloudU education series under the direction of Ben Kepes, sponsored by Rackspace.

There are many reasons for organizations to move from traditional IT infrastructure to Cloud Computing. One of the most cited benefits is the economics of the Cloud. Yet while many people point out the cost savings that Cloud Computing brings to an organization, attention can be drawn to four distinct mechanisms through which these cost savings are generated:


• By lowering the opportunity cost of running technology

• By allowing for a shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure

• By lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology

• By giving organizations the ability to add business value by renewed focus on core activities

In this webinar, CloudU curator Ben Kepes talks with a panel of experts about how the economics of Cloud Computing are changing the face of business. 

Bernard Golden, CEO of Hyperstratus and CIO Magazine blogger
Lew Moorman, President, Rackspace Cloud and Chief Strategy Officer


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