SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Service Application - Part 2

Part of the Managed Metadata Service Application (MMSA) in SharePoint 2010 video series, this video will continue our discussion about the MMSA components.


In this video, we will discuss the examples on how to use the centrally defined term sets. For our example, let's use a fictitious company with four departments - HR, IT, Sales and Legal. In this organization, there might be terms attached to a specific department and there can be terms that are universal.


Sales term set may include company name, industry, size and status of sale. SharePoint designer within this organization can centrally manage the accessibility of this information to general population using managed metadata service applicaton feature.


Similarly, HR can have company name, industry, size and status of purchase. The "status" term in the HR term set can be the same the "status" term in Sales, or it can be different. This can be easily defined with the help of MMSA. MMSA provides the centralize management of term and term sets. The term sets also provide flexibility of adding synonyms to the terms.


Click here to watch the part 3 of this video series.

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