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SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Service Application - Part 1

This is the part 1 of the three part video series. In this video, Rackspace SharePoint expert Jeff DeVerter and TeK Focus President and SharePoint expert Miguel Wood discuss the business implications of the managed metadata capabilities within SharePoint 2010.

Managed metadata may sound highly technical, but it is essentially the data about the data i.e think of the data as a fruit and the data about that data can be, it's is an Apple, and it is red. It can also be defined as the properties of the object in question that provides value and meaning to the object.

There are different components within managed metadata service application that drives the managed metadata functionality within SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2007 had limited capabilities to manage the classification of data (taxonomy). There were some capabilities to classify data, but it required code changes. Due to lack of a concrete solution, different departments within an organization use to define the data differently creating problems of managing the data.

Managed metadata service application (MMSA) in SharePoint 2010 consists of a term store. Term store is hierarchically organized database. Term store can be further broken down into the term set groups. Term set group is a list of term sets, and it allows users to set security at a group level. Term sets contain terms that can be a single word or group of words.

The security feature of the Term set group can be used to define departmental level security, i.e. HR can own the HR terms, and IT can own IT terms. Click here to watch the part 2 of this video series.

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