SharePoint 2010 Managed Metadata Service Application - Managing shared terms

Part of the Managed Metadata Service Application (MMSA) in SharePoint 2010 video series, this video will continue our discussion about the MMSA components.


Using MMSA, the information can be shared within the organization as well as to the outside world (partners, vendors). The external information sharing is managed by the hubs. Hub is the second component of MMSA besides the term sets and is used for content sharing.


Let's use another example, where a company employee wants to submit a referral for an open position. The new hire referral form is hidden somewhere on the HR intranet site. The employee can only find the new hire referral form by visiting the HR's intranet site.


SharePoint 2010 offers Enterprise Content Types feature to solve this problem. Using this content type you can publish the new hire form to the hub. All the other departments or external entities can now subscribe to this content if they desire making the content universally available.


The content types can be centrally created, managed and updated by owner of the department where the content resides.

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