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Cloud Office

Rackspace provides a self-service Help Tool to assist you and your users with setting up mobile devices, email clients, and Microsoft Lync. You can log in to the Help Tool at with your email address and...
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Manage Domains

Use the following domain management tools on the Cloud Office Control Panel.

The following articles provide instructions for performing these tasks:

Add domainDomain aliasesDNS settingsEmail archivingGlobal...
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Hosted Exchange

Use the procedure in this article to configure a Microsoft Exchange 2010 account on your Apple iOS device. The administrator of your account must add an ActiveSync license to your mailbox through the Administrative Control Panel...
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The following article will help you setup your Microsoft Exchange 2007 email account with Mac Mail. Let's take a look at the steps below to get you going: Note: Exchange 2007 only runs with on the 10.6 or Above OS (operating...
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Note:This article refers to a feature that is no longer available for Cloud Sites. This article exists for legacy support only.

Set up your Palm Pre for IMAP access

To set up the Palm Pre for IMAP, perform the following steps...
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