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Setting Up Cloud Drive: Enabling Your Master Account

Note: We no longer accept new sign-ups for Cloud Drive, though it is still supported for existing customers. New customers should use the equivalent service offered via JungleDisk instead. Cloud Drive is Rackspace product that allows users to perform secure backups of their data, sync it with other machines, ...

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Creating Online Disks For Cloud Drive

folders or drives and restore data from the online disk. Security - Select the level of security. High security will give users the option of entering a password. 3. Select the Create Online Disk button when ...

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How are my files encrypted?

For technically savvy users, here are some details on how your files are encrypted. Files are encrypted prior to uploading them using 256-bit AES. AES is an industry (and government) standard and is one of the most well studied and most secure encryption algorithms available. Jungle Disk uses a unique ...

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Why am I having an unexpected increase in download bandwidth?

is cleared.  Note: Users of Kaspersky may experience additional issues. Kaspersky Internet Security ...

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Getting Started With Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive Cloud Drive facilitates secure collaboration, disaster recovery, and data access. The ability to share and sync documents without the cost or maintenance of a file server; schedule automatic file backups for easy restoration; and access your critical data anytime, anywhere. Some of the ...

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