What is the Network Drive Cache?

The cache directory is where files are stored during background upload and after upload for quick access should you need to open the file from the network drive. You may want to change the default location of the cache directory to a different drive with more space available for example, as a large cache reduces the need to re-download content. If your cache fills up during a large upload, you may notice that background uploads from the operating system to the cache slow significantly (to 32kbps or less). This is normal, and as space is freed in the cache from completed uploads, the cache upload will return to normal speed.

The default location for the cache for each platform is listed below. You can change the cache size in the Network Drive settings.

Windows Vista and higher: C:\ProgramData\JungleDisk

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\JungleDisk

Mac: ~/Library/Caches/JungleDisk/cache

Linux: ./cache

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