What is included in a Managed Operations Service Level account?

Cloud Servers with a Managed Operations Service Level include access to a dedicated, 24x7x365 support team via phone, chat, and online support ticket. The team will support your servers from the OS up through the application stack of Microsoft SQL Server, .Net/IIS, and the LAMP stack on Linux. Your Cloud Server will be regularly patched and updated. Monitoring services are included, with the Managed Operations team proactively responding to any alerts. We will monitor up to two user-defined ports as well as user-defined URL content.

We will provide free licensing for the Rackspace Cloud Backup file-based backup option (standard Cloud Files storage fees apply). Your servers will also be configured to use our Mailgun SMTP relay service to ensure smooth email delivery, with the first 50,000 emails sent for free every month.  For details and options, see the Mailgun Rackspace pricing page.

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