How long does a standard Cloud Server resize take?

The amount of time a resize takes varies by the size of the server and the time of day you are performing the resize. If you have a brand-new server with no additional data or software installed, then you might be looking at 10 minutes. However, if you have data installed on your server and have been installing software then it can take up to 30 minutes or more. Peak times for resize activity tend to be at the start and end of the business day. Expect a short period of downtime while your server is being resized.

Note also that resizing a server down can take longer than resizing up because the system needs to consolidate and copy data to a smaller disk container rather than expand the existing container.  Cleaning up unneeded files (like old logs and session files) can improve the speed of a resize operation.

There are different processes of resizes, as follows:

  • Online Resizes:  Allow for the original sized Cloud Server to be powered on during the "Prep-Resize" step, and only powers down during the second step of the resize process.
    This includes:  First Generation Server resize up and resize down, and Standard resize up.
  • Offline Resizes: Power down as the first "Prep-Resize" step.
    This includes:  Standard resize down.

NOTE: Resizing is not available for workload-optimized Cloud Servers. For information on your available options, see Changing the size of your workload-optimized Cloud Server.

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