How Does Bulk Import Work?

To bulk import files to Cloud Files, you must physically send the files to Rackspace. This topic summarizes the process and the steps that you need to perform.

  1. If you do not have a Cloud Files account, create one and activate it.
  2. Contact your Cloud Files support technician by using the Cloud Control Panel.

    The technician starts the process for you. You are assigned a Migration Specialist who can answer any questions that you have about your import and who provides you with instructions, the shipping location of the data center, and other information required to ship your device.

  3. Fill out a form with information about your data and physical device, and prepare the physical device for shipping.
  4. Copy the data to your device.

    Unless you want your data to be stored and retrieved encrypted in Cloud Files, do not encrypt your data, because Rackspace will not decrypt it for you.

    Your Migration Specialist reviews all the logistics for shipping your device to Rackspace (for example, data center address, method of shipment, security guidelines, and so on).

  5. Mail your device.

    When we receive your data, your Migration Specialists connects your device to a workstation that that has a direct link to our Cloud Files infrastructure.

    Your Migration Specialist notifies you when the data is received, when the data import has begun, and when the import is complete.

  6. After your data is imported, the device is either shipped back to you or destroyed via degaussing, depending on your instructions.

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