How Do I Use the Cloud Files CDN Manager?

The following article show how to create a Container within Cloud Files and manage files within it through the Cloud Files interface.

What is the CDN?

Using Akamai’s service, Cloud Files brings you a powerful and easy way to publish content over a world-class industry leading CDN. Customers automatically get access to this network included in the cost of using the Cloud Files service. The way it works is by distributing the content that you upload to Cloud Files across a global network of edge servers. What this means is that when someone is viewing content from your site, your CDN-enabled content will be served to them from the closest geographic edge server to their location. This feature dramatically increases the speed at which websites can load, no matter where your viewer is located.

This can be a great advantage when hosting content for an international audience. Though you can also use the API to upload content to Cloud Files, another way is to use the File Manager interface in the Control Panel. To store content on Cloud Files, you start by creating a Container for your content. The container name should have no breaks, spaces, or special characters; and unlike a folder or directory, a Container cannot have sub-directories. All your content will be at one level below the Container name. Let's take a look at how to setup and manage a container:

  1. Login to the Cloud Control Panel and once you're logged in, select Files at the top.

  2. Select the Create Container option, name our container and then select Create Container once more. Next we'll locate our container with in the list and select the socket icon next to our container and select the Make Public (Enable CDN) option and then select Make Public once more. Enabling your Container will allow to share any files the reside with in that container.


  3. Upload a file to the container through the UI (user interface). For this exercise we'll select a .png file. Select Upload Files at the top, Choose File from the pop up screen, select your desired file, and then select Upload File.


  4. After you have uploaded your file, you will see the file available in the Cloud Files list. Select the gear icon next to your file and then select View All Links. You will be see three diferent options to share your file.



To learn more about how to operate with Cloud Files through the API, read this article and read the API Developer Guides.


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