How do I use Cloud Files and CDN?

This guide provides an overview of Rackspace Cloud Files and its features to help you get started quickly and serve content over Akamai's CDN service.

Cloud Files allows you to store data on the Rackspace infrastructure. The Cloud Control Panel allows customers to accomplish most tasks for managing data, but the Cloud Files API and some third-party tools are also available.

The basics of Cloud Files include:

  • Cloud Files is a “cloud” storage system and not a traditional file system.
  • Customers need to create “Containers” in the storage system to store data.
  • You cannot create Containers within other Containers.
  • Customers can have any number of top level Containers.
  • Your data is stored in “Objects” within those Containers.
  • You can have any number of Objects within a Container.
  • Objects can vary in size from a few bytes to very large.
  • Customers can interact with Cloud Files through the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel or language-specific programming interfaces.

More detail can be found in Cloud Files Key Concepts.

Cloud Files Usage Scenarios

There are a number of basic usage scenarios for Cloud Files.  We have classified them based on user objectives.

For Application Developers

For Content Providers and Website Designers

For IT Managers

  • Check out some Cloud Files tools which can ease day to day operations such as data backup and archival.

For all users

Additional Cloud Files Resources

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