How do I install Rackspace Private Cloud, and what's included?

Rackspace Private Cloud Software v 4.0 deployed through a series of bash scripts in the following stages:

  1. Install Chef server on a node in the environment.
  2. Download the latest cookbooks to the Chef server.
  3. Install chef-client on each node that will be managed by Chef in your OpenStack cluster.
  4. Use Chef to create Controller nodes, Compute nodes, and more.

You can deploy Rackspace Private Cloud Software on Ubuntu 12.04, or CentOS 6.3.

Rackspace Private Cloud v 4.0 uses the Grizzly release of OpenStack, and includes Compute (Nova), Image Service (Glance), Dashboard (Horizon), Identity (Keystone), Virtual Network Service (Quantum), and Ceilometer.

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