How are my files encrypted?

For technically savvy users, here are some details on how your files are encrypted.

Files are encrypted prior to uploading them using 256-bit AES. AES is an industry (and government) standard and is one of the most well studied and most secure encryption algorithms available. Jungle Disk uses a unique key for each file, and constructs the key using a HMAC that helps protect against certain attacks. Code that demonstrates how data is encrypted/decrypted is available for download on the Jungle Disk Download page under the GPL license. A special metadata header is added to each file when it is uploaded. The header identifies the type of encryption used and contains a salt value and a one-way hash of the salted key. This allows Jungle Disk to determine the correct key to use to decrypt the file. Note: Without the decryption keys, the header is of no use, and you cannot even tell which files are encrypted with which keys unless you possess the keys.

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